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Plex client on WebOS 3.5 does not see all remote servers

I just got a 2017 LG UHD TV with the latest webos Plex client installed.

My Plex account is enabled to view my own local server and two remote servers.

If I use my iOS or android devices, they can see both remote servers and I can cast media to my Chromecast (which is what I used with my non-smart television).

However, using the local webos Plex client, I can only see one remote server.

Note, the trial version on xplay which you can install on webos can see both remote servers.

Please help.

Best Answers


  • dougiesicdougiesic Posts: 3Members

    Thanks - I shall ask the hoster.

    Can yo confirm.... "Secure connections are not supported on the LG Web OS app"... is that a "yet"? or a "never"?

    I.e. is this an enhancement which is likely to be added? If so, is it on roadmap and when is it expected?

  • dougiesicdougiesic Posts: 3Members

    FYI - It's confirmed that the server not showing up is set to "Required".

    I'll look into Playz and Xplay as options instead.Thanks.

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