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Can't download Plex TIVO app

I'm an IT manager and I'm trying to setup my bosses Plex server - It is giving me all sorts of issues. First let me say having no support number is a big red flag in my mind. Support forums takes days to get anything done while a phone call could probably have this hammered out in under an hour. We are going to go back and forth on things I have already done until we hit something useful. Now that I've vented my frustration some what lets see if we can get this fixed.

Plex is running on a windows 7 machine using Version 3.9.1. I have 36 Tivo Minis in the house all on the same subnet using version 20.7.xxxxxx. According to https://support.tivo.com/articles/App_Information/Plex-App-Information I need to download the TIVO app onto the plex server and set them up from there. Here is where I run into trouble.

When I select "Download Apps" and go to Tivo Dropdown it does not have a download option. It only says "Learn More". The "Learn more" button takes me to https://support.tivo.com/articles/App_Information/Plex-App-Information which is how I got to the download apps section in the first place taking me in a GD circle.

What do I need to do to setup his TIVO so he can stream his media.


  • rljncrljnc Posts: 157Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Well I have Tivo and plex, but to stream my media on my Tivo I just open the Tivo plex app on my Tivo device, now I do not have any minis just a romoina OTA Tivo, there was no loading of a Tivo app to plex, so not sure what that is about.

  • ebarton@govanquish.comebarton@govanquish.com Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    These Tivo Minis do not have a Plex app on them that I can find.

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