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How to disable subtitles?

GlennQuackenbushGlennQuackenbush Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Tried reading through quite a few of the 1,300 posts referencing subtitles but still looking for an answer. Simple question, how to disable subtitles? Preferably all, but ok with having them on a case-by-case basis.
All of the mainstream movies I've ripped so far during playback play with subtitles regardless of every option on the server and client platforms I can find to uncheck. Tried subtitles (Foreign only), language (none), etc. I'd like to figure out the best approach before I go further with the library. I am using both a Samsung DVD player (Plex app) and iPad (Plex app) for playback, same result with both devices.

Sorry for the redundancy with what should be a simple thing, any help appreciated.



  • SingleServingSocietySingleServingSociety Posts: 327Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    If you look at the plex web application (plext.tv), you will find subtitle options when you view the details of the movie. In other words, find your movie, click on it for details (don't click the play button) and you will see a dropdown for subtitles.

    Now if that is not there, you might have "burned in" your subtitles during the rip. This basically means that the subtitles are now part of the video picture. You could test this in something like VLC and see whether you can turn subtitles on / off there. If the subtitles are burned in, there is no way you can turn them off. The only option you have left is to re-rip your files and make sure you get your subtitles as a separate stream inside your video container.

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  • GlennQuackenbushGlennQuackenbush Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    SingleServingSociety, this is extremely useful and spot on. In Plex, the info on each video shows "mo subtitles" yet there there they are when the movie is played. I cannot turn them off using VLC on the ripped movie. I fortunately did create an iso image of each disk before I ripped it and when I use VLC on the iso file, I can indeed turn on or off subtitles. Now to figure out why why subtitles aren't separated. I am using any video converter professional and from everything I read the subtitles are supposed to be separate in the ripped file.

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