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Plex holds network speed

LordwindLordwind Posts: 112Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I use the last plex app with the last iOS and every day listen music via cellular network 3G/4G. There are a strange network issue with the plex. If I begin listening with 3G network, the app seems hold the network speed (type) on 3G even in the 4G zone. I can stop play, re-launch app, or re-switch network type in the iOS setting - then the 4G network appears and works. I thought it is some iOS hidden feature, when the established connection can downgrade, but can't upgrade. Example: I walking with 4G connection, crossing 3G area and 3G stays even if I returning to 4G area until manual reconnection. But I used other music applications and they don't hold the network speed. When I crossing 4G area, the network upgrades to 4G while listening (with another apps), so it is not an iOS bug. I suppose, the plex uses a small buffer, so it connects very often and iOS don't like to upgrade the network's speed. Maybe something else...

Server: vSphere-based PMS with Ubuntu 14.04

Clients: Panasonic TX-PR50ST60 (2013), Samsung UE32J6300 (2015), Amazon TV, iOS, Android, PS4

Ertelecom: ▼▲ 30-100 Mbps 24x7

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