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Android Mobile App, Local Synced Content, and No Data Connection or Wifi

missionspartamissionsparta Posts: 282Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass

One of the major advantages of syncing content to your phone/device is that many of us know we will have either no data or very limited. By syncing you can get your shows and movies on the go without this worry. The issue I keep running into is that I will get in a situation like this. Out of town, no signal. I'll go to use Plex and hit the option for the device's local content. But it just sits at a waiting blank screen forever as it first tries to make a connection with either the server or the cloud (not sure which). Either way, it results in m having to wait until the phone gets a blip of a signal to make contact with one of them before I can use the local content. The app should over-ride what ever it is looking for when the local-content option is selected and then go back to what ever it is looking for. Either way, it is completely counterproductive to the point of syncing out content.

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