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Constant errors when transcoding audio while direct playing video

jake.achee@gmail.comjake.achee@gmail.com Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

PMS and Plex Client running on Shield TV 16GB.
Latest Shield update, PMS and Plex Client (PlexPass) versions.

I can't make it through a single 1080p or 4K video without frequent "server not powerful enough/network connection/lower playback quality" errors. Meanwhile, playback of 1080p/4K videos are flawless with the official Plex for Kodi app. Are others also experiencing this issue?

I'm not sure why the Plex client can't match the transcode performance of Kodi. I'd love to hear plans to implement better video playback/transcoding engine. Plex is basically unusable for me and Plex for Kodi has been my only solution.

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