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Problem with "ask plex to play some music" prompt via Alexa

dgirard96789dgirard96789 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

OK, I have the Alexa Plex skill working--I can play movies and TV just fine, select different plex players (rasplex), even select servers (although I have only one)

I can play music if I ask to play just a specific song or band, IE:
me: "ask plex to play great big sea"
alexa: "shuffling music by great big sea"
action: a random playlist of songs by great big sea
works great!

now, when I want something even more random and I ask:

me: "ask plex to play some music"
alexa: "how about I throw on a recent favorite, would you like to listen to some music by bastille?"
me: "yes"
alexa: "ok, enjoy bastille"
*at this point, it seems like it should start playing something, but nothing happens
There seems to be 3-4 different alexa responses to asking to play some music--the recent favorite, a record label based question, and a choice to listen to something recently played...all the different discussions with alexa go well, but result in the same output from plex---nothing.

I think I've got everything setup right--given that I can play a song or band, but this more complex interaction always ends in nothing happening.

Is this a bug? If this feature isn't supported yet, it should be removed from the production release until it works as this is very frustrating.


  • dgirard96789dgirard96789 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    One more observation:

    If the plex player has dimmed the screen, when I do the "play some music" script it does wake up the screen, but nothing happens...so it's communicating with the client, just not initiating playback

  • dgirard96789dgirard96789 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    OK, more strangeness:

    the play some music script does not play on the rasplex client, but it does play music using a web client.

    The rasplex kicks out an error that looks like this:

    10:50:12 T:1766847456 WARNING: CPlexHTTPRemoteHandler::playMedia couldn't find /library/metadata/111148 in plexserver://05068b0458c5d66a0dbc8ee16eac3589b68b2034/library/metadata/111148

    I'm not sure what I'm looking for on my server logs--so I haven't found anything interesting yet. We web log also doesn't seem to have anything interesting (at least I can't find anything yet when the playback is successful)

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