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Plex Server on Windows with Shield client 4k and 7.1 audio

benplacebenplace Members, Plex Pass Posts: 79 Plex Pass

I do not know if this is a plex server or a shield client issue, but it has been going on since 1.3.4 when they implemented truhd audio with 4k playback.
If I set my receiver to output 5.1 4k content works great, as soon as I turn on 7.1 and plex tried to play 7.1 with 4k the audio plays through the receiver but the image on the screen is frozen, a minute later it will just forward and freeze again. I am playing locally with a wired connection. My brother is the only person I know who has 7.1 and he has the same issue when trying to play on my server and he also has a shield.
Where can I begin to troubleshoot this?

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