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Transcoding vs. Direct Play

thalfmanamiga@gmail.comthalfmanamiga@gmail.com Members, Plex Pass Posts: 6 Plex Pass

I have two Shields in the house, one hooked up to an OTA antenna and acting as a DVR with Plex Media server running on it. The second Shield is acts as a client to stream my recorded shows. When I checked the activity of the stream on the web app, I see that Shield to Shield is being transcoded. But wouldn't it take less horsepower to Direct Play?

How would this be set up to do automatically?

Shield to tablet shows transcoding as well, by the way.




  • rouqrouq Members, Plex Pass Posts: 130 Plex Pass

    We need more details on your setup. Does the Shield directly connected to your tv? Do you have an AV receiver or a sound bar between the Shield and the tv?

    What stream PMS is transcoding? (audio only? Video only? Both?)

    Normally, ota broadcast uses Dolby digital for audio. The Shield doesn't have the license to decode Dolby digital. So if you don't have a receiver to decode it (av receiver, sound bar or some tv accept ac3 over hdmi), then PMS must transcode the audio.

    If you have a capable audio receiver, make sure audio passthrough is activated on plex client and audio surround is set to auto in Shield setting.

  • thalfmanamiga@gmail.comthalfmanamiga@gmail.com Members, Plex Pass Posts: 6 Plex Pass

    On the client Shield, I do have an AV receiver between the Shield and TV.

    I will try the settings you suggest and get back.

    It did appear as though the audio was transcoding for sure, but I think the video was as well. I'll check the next time I test.

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