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Classic music tricks?

macgen77macgen77 Posts: 12Members ✭✭

Recently I installed my PMS and start moving things to it. I have near no problems with Movies and TV series, music is another thing, mainly multi disc and classical ones.
I have read the FAQs and searched for posts about it to get an idea on how people does it.
As I use a headless linux server I installed and learned how to use beets for better tagging and naming folders for music.
Below is a capture from the Enya "Only Time: The Collection" once tagged and put on the music library.
The path beets generated is Music - OST/Enya/Only Time_ The Collection/Only Time_ The Collection Disc-01 -/01 Watermark.mp3
The tags Plex sees for AlbumArtist and Artist are both Enya and the album name is Only Time: The Collection, the songs have the correct disc and track number.
Local media assets are first on Artist and Album agents, use metadata is checked and all last.fm options disabled. As you see I got a long list of the tracks in the album but don't get any "separator"

Is this normal? I have seen captures on posts where there are "Disc 1", space, tracks, space "Disc 2", and so on.

Using Enya again I used another approach for the album A Box of Dreams (3 discs), here each disc has a name and I made beets do this path Music - OST/Enya/A Box Of Dreams/A Box Of Dreams - Clouds/01 Watermark.mp3 and get three separated albums, one for each disk.

What I want to get is something similar to the season on TV series, an album entry on Enya, say A Box of Dreams, and then inside each disc individually. Can this be done? Any trick on path or tagging I can use for that? This Enya albums are not a problem in any of the two ways, but when I add things like a full set of works on a classical composer that will be hard.
If it can't be done I will use the second way for the classical full works and the first for modern 2 - 3 cds per album works.
Can some one share his way to order classical music?


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