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Just Downloaded iTunes Channel...Cover Art Issue

rdgmjv11rdgmjv11 Posts: 13Members ✭✭

When I view my iTunes Media Library within Plex, all 3,100 of my songs share the same three cover art images, LOL. Any ideas on how to fix this?


  • shopgirl284shopgirl284 Posts: 2,835Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja, Forum Moderator Plex Ninja

    This section of the forum is for issue with Plex channel plugins. As stated in the READ FIRST: Guidelines for Posting Channel Plugin Issues and Questions thread pinned to the top of this forum, in the section named Issues with the iTunes or Aperture Channels:

    "The iTunes and Aperture channels are not actually Plex plugins. They are extensions of Plex Media Server. That is why you enable them in the Plex Media Server setting instead of adding them using the Channel Directory. They are called channels because anything that accesses online content from Plex is considered a channel. So any issues with the iTunes and Aperture channels must be posted to the section of the forum for Plex Media Server on your operating system or the section for the Plex player app that is having issues accessing these channels."

    Many issues and questions can be resolved by reviewing the Plex Support Documentation
    Providing details about your issue, Plex setup, and including log files are important when when asking for help on the forums.
    See Log Files
    Before posting channel plugin questions or issues, please review the pinned threads at the top of the Channel Plugin forum:
    READ FIRST: Guidelines for Posting Channel Plugin Issues/Questions and Things to Check First
    FAQ for Channel Plugin FAQ

  • rdgmjv11rdgmjv11 Posts: 13Members ✭✭

    Thanks for the help with the issue!

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