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Can the Fire TV direct play 1080p, HEVC 10bit?

phenicphenic Members, Plex Pass Posts: 7 Plex Pass

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been answered but I could only find similar questions regarding 4k playback.

Can the Fire TV (gen 2, 4k) playback 10bit, x265 files at 1080p?



  • FordGuy61FordGuy61 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 108 Plex Pass

    The FireTV Gen 2 supports HEVC, 10-bit video, but only up to Main 10 Profile Level 5.0 @ 30 fps. Also, output is only 8-bit.
    See AFTV Specifications.

    You can download demo videos to try on your system: http://demo-uhd3d.com/

    My system:
    AFTVg2 --> Denon 4300H --> Samsung F1700 (1080p)
    Client v6.1.1, PMS 1.7.6 on Win10

    I tested with some of the videos from above site.

    None of the HEVC/L5.1/10-bit videos would play. The message on screen was "Conversion failed. The transcoder crashed or failed to start up."

    The HEVC/L5.0 videos, both 8-bit & 10-bit, played OK. The video was transcoded to H264, which is expected, as my TV does not support HEVC.

    The 4K H.264/L5.1 videos also played OK. The video was transcoded, H264 to H264, as the AFTVg2 only supports H264 up to 1080p, 30fps, High@Level 4.

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