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[REL] - NextPVR Bundle - live TV from NextPVR

psycikpsycik Posts: 397Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited July 20 in Plex Channel Plugins


Version 0.5 - updated metadata agent for null summaries, added whats new to channel

Set Agent and channel to common version number (0.5)
-Agent now handles null summary entries @homeyghomey

-Channel sees the return of the What New entry - viewable when using the all view (preferences)
-Channel changed container to mpegts which seems to work for h.264 and mepg2, and allows recordings again. Thanks @piltous
-Channel added a version number to the title.

**Now in the Unsupported app store. **

Github Releases (by Release)

Plex for IOS, PlexConnect, Roku3 and NextPVR Channel

Plex PMS on AMD A10 for movies and TV, and Plex PMS on AMD A8 with NextPVR custom scanner and Agent



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