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Remote restart of Shield TV? There is a solution!

zluzarzluzar Members, Plex Pass Posts: 19 Plex Pass
edited July 16 in NVIDIA SHIELD

It happens that sometimes PMS crashes and is not working until the whole Shield Tv is restarted. I was wondering whether there is a way to make such restart when i am not home. And finally i found elegant workaraund how to do so.

For those lucky owners of Logitech Harmony remote control (the newer one with the always connected Hub extension) there is a possibility to create new activity (i named it Restart Shield) and program this activity to simply restart the Shield. As the mobile app can control connected staff even outside your home wifi (via cloud), you could easily restart the Shield from wherever you are. Which is AWESOME!

I generally think that Logitech's Harmony controllers are magic pieces of finetuned accessories which help to deal with multiple remote controls at home and this is just another application how usefull it can be.

Hope it helps at least to somebody!

Note: my setup of the "Shield TV restart" activity consists of start sequence and end sequence macros, which ensure the proper restart of my Shield TV. If you want to program the activity in the same manner, watch out a short video describing my setup of the activity.

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