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No Photo Slideshow yet for Roku?

DaleDietrichDaleDietrich Members Posts: 138 ✭✭✭

How is it that we are in mid 2017 and there is no slideshow option for photos on Plex? Or am I missing something. Just spent an hour googling for ANY slide-show function on the Roku in Canada and can't find a thing. Surprised as all get-out that there is still none on Plex. I can see all my photos but Plex can't add a function to randomly display pictures either as a slideshow function or even as a screen saver. You would think this would take a programmer a couple hours to create - max. I know I could write a random slide show function in a trivial amount of time. We have thousands of pics of our kids. We'd like them to stream past when we aren't using our Plex for anything else. Our AppleTV had done this for a decade. But we don't tend to use it any more. Our input is always sitting on Roku/Plex. So PLEASE guys, add a photo slide show. I've given up on a comprehensive 'movie collections' option because that is somewhat complex. But a slide show function is trivial!

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  • fjordaanfjordaan Members, Plex Pass Posts: 10 Plex Pass

    I've wanted something like this for the Roku for years. I've argued for it here: https://medium.com/@fjordaan/hi-jaisen-thanks-for-sharing-this-159507dd0dc

    Since I wrote that, I found that Plex for photos actually has several of the features I'm looking for (remote control, and related photos) -- all that's missing is an actual Roku screensaver. Something that comes on automatically when the Roku is idle for a few minutes. Because having to go into Plex photos to start a slideshow means I look at my photos only occasionally, rather than daily.

    So please, Plex, give us a Roku photo screensaver.

  • fjordaanfjordaan Members, Plex Pass Posts: 10 Plex Pass

    I should mention that this topic has come up before, e.g. these two posts by tuath https://forums.plex.tv/profile/discussions/tuath

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