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Frequently need to reset app

I have searched the forums but I can't find the right words to get an answer to my question so I apologize for asking something that has been asked before. Also I've read several posts about this but no answers.
When I leave my computer for a period of time the UWP (Windows Store) app refuses to play songs. Clicking the play icon switches the icon to play more (changed to pause) but the counter never exceeds 0:00. In some cases I can get it to play a song but if it does the subsequent songs will not play with the same symptoms. I then go to the Apps manager and reset Plex and it then works fine again.
I speculate it might be happening when my screensaver kicks in, which is set up just to lock my session after a period of time. No actual screen saver plays but the screens will turn off.
In case you're wondering I use the UWP app instead of the web client because I want to be able to use my keyboard media keys to control playback.
I'v reported this bug many times from within the app, no one seems to be listening.
It's easy to reset but it's annoying. Does anyone have a solution? Or any other suggestions?

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