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Rename Fire TV Stick in Plex

stevefxpstevefxp Members, Plex Pass Posts: 27 Plex Pass

Right now Plex shows my Fire Stick as AFTT in the devices section. This is ok for now since I only have one Fire Stick. I am about to add two additional sticks and would prefer to name them by the room they are used in. Second this rename also helps when using Plex with Amazon Echo, as you have real names for each player.


  • Elijah_BaleyElijah_Baley Members, Plex Pass Posts: 4,020 Plex Pass

    I do not think this is something Plex has found important enough to implement. But I only have one Fire device so I cannot be sure. But there has been a lot of discussion about renaming Fire devices and I do not remember any resolution.

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  • kegobeer-plexkegobeer-plex Members, Plex Pass Posts: 5,122 Plex Pass

    This problem lies in almost every Plex client app - the inability to name it something different. It's something I wish Plex would add to each client, because when you have several of the same device it's hard to differentiate them.

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