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Is there a way to change the episode order not based on air date?

I've been running into this recently as I increase my library after Sonarr integration.

Firefly for example plays in a different order on the DVD/Bluray release since Fox gave no **** and originally aired them out of order. Plex seems to want to sort exclusively by air-date, which makes sense. But in the rare case such as this is there a fix? I went through and renamed every episode to re-sort by air-date then created a playlist for the DVD order but this is less than ideal. Which is exacerbated by the next part... two part episodes.

Seinfeld has some two-parters that may have aired separately but were put together for DVD release and the updated HD versions. Plex is going off the air order so it see's some as 2 episodes so when you are watching on your TV it will play those episodes twice because it associates the double episode file with both individual ones.

Is there a way to modify the info that has been matched? I've tried to Fix the Match and there are no other options. I could unmatch and name them all myself but the best part of Plex is it getting the screenshots and all the episode info that I would in no way fill in. And since I plan on finally getting a Plex Pass and sharing the wealth of my library with friends I'd like to make sure everything is in order.


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