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PlexTranscoder.exe has stopped working

jpclemmerjpclemmer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 69 Plex Pass

About one or two updates ago I have a massive problem. Many videos will not play anymore. The format of the video is random. It has no particular love and hate relationship towards a particular format. I will get constantly spammed by this pop up until I stop trying to watch this video. So, I will just open VLC and watch it. I am attaching DxDiag, error screen shot and Plex Media Server Logs.

I run windows 7 with Malewarebytes and windows defender.


  • AshTray900AshTray900 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 99 Plex Pass

    are you still running WMC for anything, did you download the unofficial windows "codec pack" for windows media player and WMC?

    also do you have both Malwarebytes and defender in active scan mode?

    I personally would remove Malwarebytes, deactivate defender and load Microsoft security essentials, you'll still get a few years support on windows based antivirus until win 7 support drops around 2019 or so.

    I know a zillion problems can arise from more than one virus scanner trying to check files as they are accessed.

    just a thought, might help.

    does the windows system or app logs show anything when the program file crashes? this is sounding like a windows issue rather than a plex software issue

  • jpclemmerjpclemmer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 69 Plex Pass

    Of course it is someone else's fault. Nothing to do with updates for Plex. Right after an update these issues started happening. I will not get rid of Malewarebytes because Plex is failing after an update. Malewarebytes is more important to me than Plex.

    I only have Malewarebytes constanting running. Windows Defender runs when I tell it too.

    I did not download an unofficial anything.

    I do not use Windows Media Player. I do not know what WMC is. Is it Windows Media Codex? Controller?

    Nothing crashes. Nothing at all crashes. I get a pop up saying there is a codex issue when trying to play certain movies on my Chrome Browser Plex. These movies will play on VLC and used to play on Plex.

  • jpclemmerjpclemmer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 69 Plex Pass

    So that is it? Is there a Plex fix for this?

  • astrofisherastrofisher Plex Dwarf Star Members, Plex Pass Posts: 5,506 Plex Pass

    Plex appears to having issues analyzing the files - permissions issues shown in the scanner analysis logs.


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  • jpclemmerjpclemmer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 69 Plex Pass

    So, how do I fix this problem? They never used to have a plex analyzing the exact same files before.

  • FrackFrack Members, Plex Pass Posts: 15 Plex Pass
    edited July 19

    Welcome to the club! I've been a member of the "stopped working" crash club for almost a month now:



    3 years of continuous Plex stability until now. No changes to the system other than normal updates.

  • jpclemmerjpclemmer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 69 Plex Pass

    So the question is what happened. Something changed. Plex fails to read some files now. It is Plex failing not my virus program or Windows 7. Those are working fine. No issues playing the videos on other formats. I think I have been using Plex and paying the 5$ a month of 2 years maybe. Never had an issue until now.

  • jpclemmerjpclemmer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 69 Plex Pass

    So no one who works for Plex desires to answer my plea for help?

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