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TV Metadata fail in High Def?

Hi All,
Hoping you can help. I have been ripping all of my dvd and blu rays and have set up a plex server. All works fine, but I am having an issue with metadata for TV shows. All DVD rips pull episode data fine but some BR rips are not pulling the episode titla, instead choosing to show "Flash Season 1 Disc 1", for example.

Some shows I have transitioned to BR showed this, eg Lost. Season 6 BR was not pulling the data, though forcing data from TMDB instead got this working. But complete shows, such as Flash and Arrow, fail to pull the episode name.... all other metadata is there, such as episode synopsis.

Anyone else having this issue or have any bright ideas? All shows are named and filed in accordance with the rules




  • OttoKernerOttoKerner Posts: 30,298Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    Are you perhaps ripping your DVDs to MKV format
    and your BluRays to MP4?

    Go to Settings - Server - Agents - Shows - TheTVDB
    In there, grab the line 'Local Media Assets' with your mouse and drag it downwards, so it ends up being at the bottom of the stack of active agents.
    Repeat the same under
    Settings - Server - Agents - Shows - TheMovieDatabase
    Settings - Server - Agents - Movies - Plex Movie
    Settings - Server - Agents - Movies - TheMovieDatabase

    Afterwards, perform the Plex Dance with the affected shows.

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  • You, Sir, are called a Plex Ninja for a reason.

    Deprioritising the "Local Media Assets" worked a treat. Thank you so much.

  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Posts: 7,883Members ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2017

    @danielgarymartin@gmail.com said:
    You, Sir, are called a Plex Ninja for a reason.


    Deprioritising the "Local Media Assets" worked a treat.

    In my neighborhood we call that 'Loco Merdering AssHats'.
    If I didn't need it for some things (which it does from the bottom of my lists) I would disable it.

    I STILL say, for Plex Inc. to put that thing at the top of the Agent Lists by default is CRAZY and does far more harm, for far more Users, than the FEW it helps... and if Plex needs any evidence to that fact all they need to do is read their own 'Support Forum'. The Volunteer Support Staff are having Users move that thing out of the way 50 times a day (may be slightly exaggerated)!



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