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Various Plex Issues - Closed

RHungerschaferRHungerschafer Members Posts: 7 ✭✭

After initially installing Plex then using AlwaysOn to run Plex as a service on a Windows 10 Pro x64 on a Dell PC it seemed to work fine for all and no login was required. Then after uninstalling AlwaysOn and removing it from the Registry and updating Plex Server with Plex-Media-Server- and adding PlexService_1.1.2.msi set to start automatically then started experiencing various issues. After troubleshooting these are the issues that remain:

  • Plex Server only runs while I am logged in to the PC.
    • FMoviesPlus: Error: List index out of range.
    • IceFilms: Always empty.
    • LetMeWatchThis: Sorry. We couldn’t load requested content.
    • SS-Plex: Conversion Failed. The transponder crashed or failed to start up.
    • G2G.FM: Seems to be working properly
    • BitTorrent: Folder “Recent” is always empty, otherwise working properly.
    • Movies2K: Sorry. We couldn’t load requested content.

Configuration and log files available.



  • shopgirl284shopgirl284 Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja, Forum Moderator Posts: 2,485 Plex Ninja

    All of the items you mentioned are unsupported channel plugins.

    Unsupported channel plugins are often less stable, require special instructions and may even no longer be maintained or supported by its developer. Since these channel plugin's stability, support, and specifications vary so much, as the name implies, unsupported channel plugins do not and cannot be supported by the larger volunteer channel community. Therefore, any issues, even with multiple unsupported channel plugins, must be addressed individually using the support thread or other support options offered by each unsupported channel plugin's developer.

    See How do I get support for unsupported channels? and the document pinned to the top of this forum called SUPPORT: Find my Plug-In here for support ********* READ ME FIRST ********* for a list of known support threads.

  • KraevinKraevin Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 1,066 Plex Ninja

    @shopgirl284 pretty much nailed it :smiley:

  • RHungerschaferRHungerschafer Members Posts: 7 ✭✭

    Thanks for the assistance!

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