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We need a 1 year "bugfix and feature completion" period NOW!. Plex is falling apart.

DerKeyserDerKeyser Posts: 162Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Really, is it just me or is PLEX worse than ever in terms of "open" feature developments that gets no love from devs and is stranded?
Plex basic features works relatively well, but we have so many new features announced and prototype released as a beta. But most of them are stalled and seems not to get completed - Fx: DVR, hardware transcode, the new photo line, plex cloud and the list goes on. They are all very rough, buggy and missing basic functionality.

This is not working and we really need plex to "feature freeze", get the announced features completed and bugfixed. Finally we need to have the features made equally available in all the clients they make.

Is it just me or is PLEX slowly falling apart? There no communication about their dev roadmap and intentions, so we are all left to guess if this or that will get fixed or even completed?


  • NewPlazaNewPlaza Posts: 1,754Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Sure.. Plex is becoming more unstable with every build but that's what happens when the devs think it could be better or when we ask for something more. That on top of the pressure of the other companies involved. You really got to wonder what was implemented because M$, Apple, nVidia, Roku, LG, etc demanded in order to add to their devices.
    EVERYONE has a standard. And you MUST meet it or you won't be able to play with them.

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