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Audio out of sync on nVidia Shield Pro/Synology DS416

mikeusqmikeusq Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I just bought all of the new equipment and set everything up to run Plex, and something is going on that's concerning:

  • LG 4K Television
  • Marantz SR6010 Receiver
  • nVidia Shield Pro (running the Plex server, attached to the receiver)
  • HDHomerun Prime with CableCard
  • Synology DS416Play Diskstation
  • Two WD Red Pro WD8001FFWX 8TB 7200 RPM in Raid 0 configuration
  • Plex Premium Pass and DVR Live is Set Up
  • Verizon FIOS

Everything that requires a connection is connected via Ethernet cables.

It's been a journey to get this all set up and my media found. But I got there.

I started recording MAS*H on the Sundance channel. I noticed that when I play episodes back, the audio starts to drop behind the video just a bit - enough that I can tell the video is a couple of seconds ahead of the audio. Driving me crazy seeing lips moving out of sync with the video.

Please tell me there's a way to fix this. The nVidia, HDHomerun Prime, and big investment in the NAS was all to have a great Plex system.


  • rqcrqc Posts: 9Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I've got a very similar setup and I'm experiencing the audio sync drift also.


  • mikeusqmikeusq Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    If you come across any solutions, please post to this thread too. I'd appreciate it very much.

  • cylon7cylon7 Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited July 2017

    I'm having a similar problem. I want to determine if it's the same as the one people in this thread are describing. If not I will start a new thread.

    I am only having the audio drift when I play back recordings from a sub channel, that is standard definition. The video seems to slow down, so that the audio gets a little bit ahead. If I rewind the video, just one click, then the problem will go away for a minute or two. My recordings from the main, high definition channels, seem to be fine.

    I have a pretty simple setup. I'm using an Nvidia Shield Pro, and an HDHomeRun Extend. I'm saving the DVR recordings to the Shield. The Shield is wired into my router. I have the HDHomeRun's transcoding turned on, I turned it on via the Plex web interface.

    Nvidia Shield Pro - HDHomeRun Extend

  • mikeusqmikeusq Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    All of my recordings are from the HD channels. The nVidia Shield Pro is my plex server and client for when I watch on TV and through the home theater system. I'm not sure I'm seeing the audio drift when I watch the recordings on my PC through the Plex Web interface or Windows 10 app. I'm DEFINITELY seeing the audio drift while watching on my TV. FWIW, I also have "A/V audio sync" turned on in both my Marantz SR6010 receiver and my LG 4K television settings.

  • henrooohenrooo Posts: 22Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm experiencing audio drift watching live TV. I have to change the channel or start and stop live to tv to get the audio back in sync.

    Recorded content plays back fine, I only experience audio going out of sync when watching Live TV.

    I'm using a Hauppauge WinTV-dual HD connected to a Nvidia Shield PRO. The shield and plex are both running the latest software.

    Very frustrating.

  • lucijjlucijj Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm having audio sync/drift issues with my HDHomeRun Extend. My Plex server is a hefty iMac. Right now, I'm transcoding at the tuner (HDHomeRun) at the highest quality in order to keep the file sizes reasonable. But, I have tried using the iMac to transcode, and get the same issue . . . which surprised me, because . . . that doesn't make sense. Anyone have any ideas?

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