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For the millionth time; music on android does not work - playback "randomly" freezes all the time

stian133stian133 Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

So.. I'm tired of paying for a product that does not work.

When playing music on with the Android app, after a handful of songs (seems a bit random), the music cuts off.

The "playing" icon is still showing as "playing", and pressing it multiple times (to stop/start again) does not work.

The only thing that can be done is to skip a track forwards/backwards, with resumes play.

I have tested this under many scenarios.

First, the phones I have tested with.

1) LG G3
2) Nexus 6
3) Nexus 6p (two of them!)
4) Huawei P9
5) Huawei P10 (my current phone)

I have always used the latest version of the app

Onto the headsets, I have tested both wired and bluetooth ones, cheap and expensive

1) Bose QC15
2) Bose QC30
3) Bose QC35
4) Sony mdr-1000x (two of them!)
5) Here One

Then a variety of cheap, **** buds that come bundled with phones

Onto the app, I have tested several scenarios here too

1) Music synced to phone (artists, albums and playlists)
2) Streaming directly from the server

No matter what I do, the aformentioned behaviour bug happens.

This sucks, because as an app I subscribe to (pay for!), where music is supposed to be a huge selling point, it is essentially useless as a music player.

Then there's Android itself. I have tried to single out different versions of android, rooted and otherwise, but to no avail. I even figured it might be something as simple as incoming notifications interfering with playback, but disabling anything and everything does nothing to remedy the issue.

Working out, jogging, driving, cycling.. sitting on my ass.. any activity really, becomes extremly frustrating where I have to restart playback every few songs.

I have researched this problem extensively, and found reports from many users both in the official forums and on reddit, some of which date back MANY YEARS (!), yet nothing has been done to remedy the problem.

So here's my suggestion

Step 1) Stop ignoring your users
Step 2) Start debugging this problem. I know it's hard to debug, and that it appears "random", but speaking as a developer, I know that there's always a cause for **** like this. So please, please start looking into this, stop ignoring posts like mine, and get back to us with some transparency about what you are doing to fix this.

In advance, thanks.


  • BigWheelBigWheel Posts: 10,276Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Employee

    we are and have been looking into why that is. sorry we have not found the fix yet.

    Logs > https://support.plex.tv/articles/201869908-log-files/
  • 98549854 Posts: 50Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Same here was listening to music on my way to work and it just stopped and skipped to the next song and its really annoying when your listing to a hour long mix tape and i have to find my place again

    Main Server: Kongou Media 5 (Debian Linux) running on VMware ESXi and NuStor Unified Storage System
    Secondary Server: Kongou Media 5 Express (Debian Linux) running on VMware ESXi and NuStor Xi Storage System (Offsite/High Availability)

  • NadoNateNadoNate Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Experiencing the same issue here.

    Here are my system specs:

    Server Platform: Freenas 9.10.2U5
    Server Version:
    Mobile Platform: Android
    App Verison:
    Android Version: Nougat 7.1.2 - LineageOS 14.1 (CYNOGEN ROM)

    Same issue as OP, seems random. I have two phones, same OS same version, same issue.

    Maybe we can isolate whether this is a PLEX issue or an android issue. @stian133 mentioned he tried several phones and Android versions.

    @stian133, can you list your system specs? Do you use the windows based server? Are you using a custom version of Android or the stock version? Does the issue seem to occur on certain songs, or is it more random?

  • NadoNateNadoNate Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Here are my server and mobile logs, in-case anyone wants a peek.

    Mobile & Server logs (Today)

  • Lurch1111Lurch1111 Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I experience similar "stoppage" issues using the Android app (on both a Fusion5 tablet and a Galaxy S8+ smartphone) & streaming from my Windows server, as well as Plex dropping the first few seconds when switching music files (mp3 & m4a); it's intermittent, so I haven't been able to pin down any common factors yet.

  • obsidian1200obsidian1200 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited August 2017

    Also experiencing the same issue, chalked it up to my device since it legitimately had bluetooth problems, but on the replacement with no problems the issue persists. I sync all my content to my SD card, too, so this is entirely from the Android App side of things.

    In case it's helpful, running a Moto Z on Android 7.1.1 with Plex, it happens after 2 songs at most, if not right away in the middle of a song.

  • jakev383jakev383 Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm having a similar issue - I recently bought a new phone, which took my from Android 6.something to 7.1.1.
    I listen to music on my way to work, and my phone connects via a hotspot in my vehicle (ie: it's WiFi to my phone). Ever since moving to the new phone, when I'm playing any playlist, it will stop after 2 songs and not play the next, regardless of my position in the playlist. I can unlock the screen and wait ~20 seconds or so and it will start playing again, but if the screen is off it will stop after 2 songs again.
    I have not tried just playing all songs from a folder - just from playlists.
    I usually get frustrated since messing with my phone while driving is not a great idea, and turn on Pandora. Pandora does not suffer the same issue.
    I've done the usual things - background data is on. Plex is exempt from Battery optimization settings. Still no go.
    I'm going to try again while at work where I can be plugged into a charge cable to see if that affects the behavior, but it really seems to smell like Android sleeping the process in the background (I'm assuming it buffers roughly a song or two).
    I'm more than willing to try some suggestions or settings to see if we can get past this issue.

  • jakev383jakev383 Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    As a test, I synced my music to my phone. While in my car, I disconnected power from my phone and changed Plex app to use local device and played the music from there.
    Still stopped after 2 songs :)
    This does not appear to be a communication issue. This appears to be an app issue, possibly with doze.
    I joined the Beta program and updated to the Beta version ( and it still does this.

  • dao2009dao2009 Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Had this problem for what seems like years and it must be something to do with Doze. My reasoning...

    My HTC M7 has no problems with music playback. Never has. It's still on Lollypop as I never updated it to Android 6

    Both my M9 and HTC10 have this problem all the time while on battery. (Both on doze android versions). Can be 1 song, can be 4 songs, can be 8 before it stops but it always stops. Pressing the fwd/back buttons then continue playback for a few songs more.
    Plugged in while I'm in the car it never stops - I know I've got 'never doze while charging' checked in the settings and I've had a 2 hour playlist playing without a problem. Playing the same playlist part way in the car (charging) and then unplugging and walking the playlist again stops at some point...

    I've got all the correct settings checked - the don't optimise app for battery saving setting somewhere and any other relevant ones (as this issue just frustrated the hell out of me so I gave it several days or research) all to no avail - so I just gave up and resigned myself to not using plex for music while not in the car.

    It does amaze me that there is no other music player that has this problem. I have play music, n7player, mxplayer, and 3 others I can't remember all play music on my phone without a problem yet plex can't...

    However, the reason I decided to post today (Monday 13th November) is that I had run out of podcasts to listen to at work so as plex was already in the background so I just continued the playlist and it played for a good 4 hours non-stop without a problem. The Android client was version updated 24th October. I am going to test this again this week to see if it was just dumb luck I managed that length of time or if the problem has actually been fixed and let you know later.
    (on the downside - yes there's always a downside - my battery was zapped - down to 24% when I left work about 20% lower than a normal night of podcast listening)

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