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IPTV Streaming

stevenatherton42stevenatherton42 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I was wondering if someone could help. I've been trying to get IPTV channels playing through Plex for some time now without success using the IPTV.bundle plugin. I can load channels through an m3u playlist but when trying to play through the android app, I get the error "Playback was not possible: Not enough bandwidth for any playback of this item. Cannot convert to below minimum bandwidth of 103kbps".

I can play channels locally through the web app on a computer though.

Interestingly, I just set up Emby and loaded the m3u list. Emby plays all channels through the android app locally and remotely flawlessly, so it's not a bandwidth issue, it seems to be a problem with Plex. I have tried numerous suggestions found on forums re changing remote access settings, but have had no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, is there any likelihood of Plex adding native IPTV support?


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