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Cannot optimize films more than once

jmaas28jmaas28 Posts: 99Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

This is doing my head in: I have been searching and trying for days. Please help!

I have optimized some films for mobile incorrectly, not realising I needed to have the sub-titles selected to get them burned into the resultant mp4 file. I have deleted the optimized files and their directories and have also deleted the optimized versions in PMS. However, when I queue them back up PMS either thinks they have already been optimized for mobile, and tells me so, or it politely tries and thinks it has in a matter of seconds (and doesn't). Are there flags set somewhere that I'm not seeing? I don't want to delete the films and rip them again because, in many instances, I no longer have the original. Does anyone know what I need to do?

Best Answer

  • jmaas28jmaas28 Posts: 99Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Accepted Answer

    Are you still there?

    I think I've cracked it. In Conversion / Optimized Versions Settings I clicked on the line entry "Films" (or whatever your movie library is called). The brought up a dialogue box that lists all films and how they have been managed (Complete, Deleted, or Failed). It's a manual check (why can't there be an exceptions report?) but I saw that the films I was trying to re-optimize were in their as Failed. I clicked on the relevant icon and queued then up again. Assembly, one of the films PMS kept skipping, just successfully completed in this way. Latest log attached.

    I need to research "Deleted" to see if this has impact on my library because I haven't authorised the deletion of any optimized versions.



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