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Audio on soundbar has rapidfire static-like noise.

lc1dlc1d Posts: 3Members

Pretty much as the title says.

When I use Plex to play from my new Goodman Sound Base, there's no intelligible sound coming up, just this rapidfire almost stuttering sound.

This only appears to happen on MKVs, MP4s are fine.

However, I have tried playing the same MKVs using methods other than Plex (e.g. Airflow, plugging the USB into the DVD player), and the sound comes out fine.

Is there something in my settings I need to change?


  • lc1dlc1d Posts: 3Members

    Just to add some additional detail, it looks like it plays fine when I set the TV's SPDIF setting to "PCM" instead of "Auto". However, would this mean I'm getting worse quality sound?

  • lc1dlc1d Posts: 3Members

    Also, it turns out the problem isn't on all MKVs, only some. Not sure why.

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