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Stuttering/flashing stream - Version

lucidnonsenselucidnonsense Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Not sure if it just Direct Play to the chromecast 2, but on certain streams the chromecast will not play without buffering/stuttering/flashing. **This is not my server ** as it has previously played streams before at more intense quality settings, and also it still plays certain files. The chromecast readily plays streams from other sources (youtube etc) and the wifi is fine. My hard drive health is also perfect and the files that have problems can be played on ios, web player or on the PC media player.

The logs don't contain any clues as far as I can tell.

Anyone got any ideas?

This seems to have happened after the Version update.

Windows 10 media server


  • Jefferson CavessanaJefferson Cavessana Posts: 8Members ✭✭

    Some movies when uploaded to the chromecast are buffered all the time, but this does not happen with all movies, but some movies. I thought it might be my router, but I was able to do a test with the same movie on the LG smartv and it does not crash at all. can anybody help me?

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