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Some movies locking on chromecast

Jefferson CavessanaJefferson Cavessana Members Posts: 8 ✭✭
edited July 27 in Google Chromecast

Some movies when uploaded to the chromecast are buffered all the time, but this does not happen with all movies, but some movies. I thought it might be my router, but I was able to do a test with the same movie on the LG smartv and it does not crash at all. can anybody help me?



  • gerozsoltgerozsolt Members, Plex Pass Posts: 47 Plex Pass
  • l-rsl-rs Members, Plex Pass Posts: 176 Plex Pass

    I have at least two files that for some unfathomable reason crash my Chromecast 2. It plays, there's sometimes some flickering, then video freezes and audio keeps on going, then drops back to the wallpaper screen but I can't reconnect, so have to reboot the Chromecast.

    I can't find any similarities (one is a movie and the other one episode in a series, where the others don't have a problem). I'm guessing this is a thing on Google's end (I'm on the beta program for firmwares) but they don't seem to be in a hurry to fix it.

    There's also an annoying thing where YouTube videos stutter when I have 50 Hz setting switched on in Chromecast's settings. Been around for ever but Google seems oblivious to it.

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