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Sudden problem with remote?

NaesstromNaesstrom Posts: 47Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

So I have 2 rasplex running on similiar setups (livingroom & bedroom), suddenly I can't get the remote to work on one of them!
Both are running the stable 1.8.0 release but the one in the bedroom refused to play any media a while back, I could view posters etc. but then playing it just said it couldn't find media and that I should check the drives.
Since I never found a solution to that I flashed the latest version again and then it worked, had to connect a keyboard but still, the movies played... so finally we're getting to the weird part...

I followed the guide for enabling lirc remote (https://github.com/RasPlex/RasPlex/wiki/GPIO-IR) trying just the 5 & 6 steps, doing them all etc. and when recording the remote it clearly gets the signal, setting up the keymap etc. as usual but after a restart it refuses to do anything when I press the remote?

Anyone know if there's been some changes in the 1.8 version regarding remotes?

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