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Force EAC3 to AC3

displaceddisplaced Members, Plex Pass Posts: 46 Plex Pass


I have an amp which supports regular AC3 fine, but not EAC3 -- I only get silence.

I can get 2.0 audio on EAC3 files by disabling passthrough in OpenPHT's settings, but clearly I'd rather have 5.1 than 2.0!

I've tried various combinations of OpenPHT audio settings without any luck. Is there some tweak for OpenPHT that can support this? Or, is there a Media Server XML profile I can use which will change nothing except force EAC3 to be transcoded to AC3 for OpenPHT?

For info, I'm running the latest OpenPHT on a 2014 Mac Mini (macOS Sierra) and using the Mac's optical-out for audio. My receiver is a Yahama RX-V350.


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