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Change time for how long progress bar is going to show

ThecazzThecazz Members Posts: 50 ✭✭

How and where can I change the time of the progress bar to show when I forwarding/rewinding a movie/tvshow
Everytime I go forwarding it show to long is hard to follow a tv show or a movie when it have a subtitle.


  • videotecaCNSUvideotecaCNSU Members, Plex Pass Posts: 265 Plex Pass

    I just hide it with the back key

  • ThecazzThecazz Members Posts: 50 ✭✭

    Have done it sometime but it have happen I have gone to the menu instead and I have to press ok/play again.

    What I understand I can hide the progressbar but have not find with xml file and where I can do it.

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