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Making the SD Card readonly and running Rasplex from a Ramdisk?

sciphisciphi Posts: 15Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I was thinking about this the other day and was wondering if anybody had done this or had any interest in doing this?

I think I killed one of my SD cards in one of the RasPlex boxes I had because I typically end up just flicking the power off rather than shutting it down properly. I realize this is bad practice but I need to switch users to shut it down and normally it doesn't cause any issues (Well until my card finally died from the abuse I think).

At any rate, I know the Pi can be configured to treat the SD Card as read only and after boot switch to a ramdisk so the card is no longer used. Which would mean that cutting the power to the device would be harmless and make it much more like a commodity DVD player or other appliance that doesn't care about such things. The downside is that it would break precaching but everything is a trade off. It is possible to modify an install that is setup like this by mounting the SD CArd red write and the use of chroot to modify it, then unmounting and rebooting, so perhaps staged pre-caching could still be done.

At any rate, am I the only one that would find such a configuration useful? I'd like to either suggest it, or have a go at making the modification myself if there was any interest in such a setup.


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