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Why Android Plex App doesn't show the same quality choice than the plex web app ?

TiboLeGentlemanTiboLeGentleman Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I've recently bought a Chromecast 2 and it works great with my plex server.
On a local network, the question isn't revealant and choose a lower quality transcoding it's not usefull because there's enough bandwidth. But when I want to view a movie over internet, I've to choose a lower quality due to my poor adsl connexion.

The maximum quality than I can choose without buffering is 720Kbps. When I use the Plex Web App on Chrome to cast, there's no problem. I've all the choices in the quality menu. But when I use the Android Plex App to cast, dependent of the movie, I've not all the quality settings.

When it's a 1080p movie, Android Plex App give me all the quality setting : 240Kbps/320Kps/720Kps/1M/1.5M/2M/...
When it's a lower resolution movie, I've only three choices : 240Kbps/1.5M/Original

It's a little bit strange, and it's not a CC2 limitation, because it works great with the Plex Web App on Chrome.
Is there a bug or something else on the Plex Android App ? Someone else has this problem ?

Thanks !

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