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Apple TV Live TV

pdplexvideopdplexvideo Members, Plex Pass Posts: 47 Plex Pass

This is not working on my Apple TV. Any program I select stops after a few seconds. I have restarted the Apple TV and Plex Server.


  • gwgboothgwgbooth Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    I cannot get my 4 digit code to enter, first digit always is blank

  • JohSawJohSaw Members, Plex Pass Posts: 41 Plex Pass

    Yeah i have also problems, many times buffering and long waiting before i can play the channel. My internet is very good so that is not the problem

  • darciliciousdarcilicious Members, Plex Pass Posts: 586 Plex Pass

    For Live TV issues, post here: https://forums.plex.tv/categories/dvr-live-tv

  • AnijakeAnijake Members, Plex Pass Posts: 117 Plex Pass

    Crashes back to On now screen after a short time

  • jetbootjack@me.comjetbootjack@me.com Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass
    edited August 4

    Apple TV live TV tile appeared in the UI (v 1.14 6321) - used it once, updated my server and now live TV does not appear in the Apple TV app - ATV was restarted between uses - anyone else with a similar experience?

    Cannot find a setting that could control the presence of the live tv tile - so am stumped as to what to do to make it reappear...

    Unstumped - gotta log out and login again in plex and it came back - Gosh it is flaky though!


  • jayz78jayz78 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 159 Plex Pass
    edited August 4

    Flaky? More like 3seconds from death!

    I've tried to watch Live TV but 70% of the time it drops back to the On Now screen after showing the channel for not even 1 second...sometimes the channel loads other times not. On my iOS clients it works a bit more reliably.

    But on the Apple TV it's like playing Russian roulette. Completely unusable.

  • dragonmeldragonmel Members, Plex Pass Posts: 536 Plex Pass

    Even though plex says server vers 1.8 is required .. seems to work better for me using 1.7.5 at least on linux....

    1.7.2 was the most stable of the recent releases for me but have not backed out that far yet...

  • Cleaner_2000Cleaner_2000 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 96 Plex Pass

    The same issue here, crashes back to On now screen after a short time, but depends on which channel i watch. Some channel play very well, other have the problem.

  • Cleaner_2000Cleaner_2000 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 96 Plex Pass

    Stations that crashes after a few seconds are the 720 p.

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