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Used to be able to chromecast audio..... something broke!

I've always been able to stream to my chromecast audio as long as I was using the Chrome web browser. However, in the last two days I have been unable to.

When I start playing music (before I start trying to use my chromecast audio device) everything works fine -- music is playing and I can see the bar at the bottom of the screen indicating music is playing (the orange bar is moving across the screen as the song plays). However, when I click on the "cast" button and select my chromecast audio, it indicates it's connected to my chromecast, the icons indicating I'm now chromecasting light up, but the music playback stops and the orange bar at the bottom of the screen goes back to 0:00. I am unable to click the "progress" bar at the bottom of the screen (as you would if you wanted to skip forward to a particular point in a song).

Again, everything was working previously, and I have made no changes to my network, server, etc. Was there a Plex update recently? My Chromecast audio is working fine, as I'm able to use it to stream other audio sources.

Any ideas? Also, I think it's ridiculous you can't submit a tech support inquiry directly to Plex, and have to go through the forums... so much for customer support!

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