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Can I play content from other sources on Kodi though Plex?

hinder90hinder90 Posts: 73Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I am curious about the ingegration of Plex and Kodi. I am pretty new wtih Kodi and still sort of getting the hang of how it works, but it is like the opposite of Plex in the way that most Kodi users watch content by streaming it as it is available from video add-on sources. Ignoring the discussion of potential legal issues for a moment, while I am aware that it is possible to save streamed content from some Kodi video add-ons (though I haven't actually tried this- I have only heard that it is possible. That said, if you have content that you have saved on the storage of your Kodi (I have a 128GB micro SD) can that content be added to Plex.

While I did say specifically video add-ons, audio add-ons or photo add-ons would be able to save to local just as easily as video, presumably. I am still quite new to Kodi so I am just starting to understand what a source actually is (I know it is NOT content, just references to streams) and yes I haven't lived in a cave for the last 15 years and even when I had modded my old X-Box so it would be an nice XBMC media player I have been aware of the hubbub about it w/r/t the DMCA, among other things, and so we don't risk talking about something that could be construed as being illegal, let's assume we are talking about strictly legally available content that I presume can be saved upon my Kodi's SD. Can this media then be added to my Plex library or does Plex make that verboten due to the obvious potential for those who would use their Kodi to stream illicit content to save it in their Plex library? While I am sure the commercially available streams from proprietary sources like Netflix would obviously be excluded from this, but what about content that is freely available on YouTube for instance, other streams of freely available content that can be saved for offline viewing, or even content recorded by Kodi's PVR? How can that be added to Plex? I see a lot of potential for being able to take, say, a video recording that is local to my Kodi and loading into my iPad so that I can watch it on the bus to work whilst offline, not incurring nasty OTA data charges.

Finally, and I know this is probably just scheming and dreaming, but is it possible to watch Kodi live streams on a Kodi player with Plex installed so that I can watch said stream on another Plex client, such as that very same iPad while curled up in bed rather than from within my living room?

I have a feeling this is the noobiest of noob questions and the reason I didn't see it asked yet was because I didn't look very hard, but I would love to be pointed towards a doc that clearly defines all of the wonder things you can do with Plex and Kodi.


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  • hinder90hinder90 Posts: 73Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited August 2017

    @teshiburu said:
    @hinder90 - both kodi and plex share similar functionality - im afraid your opinion of what kodi here in this instance is is horridly wrong!

    Kodi is not dependent on this pittful addons of questionable legality, kodi first and foremost is a media player, and that media was always intended as being LOCAL, these 3rd party addons are not what kodi was intended for, plex started out as a fork of KODI, and took a different route following the server client model.

    PLEX like kodi relies on local content, be that on the same machine as the plex software, or another machine.

    When you look at plex for KODI, it is referring to the use of a PLEX for KODI addon, which adds a plex addon to kodi to allow you to stream content from your plex server to your kodi devices, retaining all of the functionality of a plex server, (watch status, playlists etc.)

    I think you may need to take a read here, https://kodi.tv/about and https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200288286-What-is-Plex- reading the linked articles may give you a better understanding of the 2 systems, as your knowledge is limited currently :)

    I have been a loyal Plex user for at least 5 years now and while Kodi is new to me, I have used XBMC exhaustively, even if it was over a decade ago. Those articles you linked are defintely great for the real noobs (I realize noob is really a relative term and I know more than I thought I did, but clearly have a long way to go) and more importantly I am aware of how the add-ons work, in a very general sense at least, and while many are critical for playing media, organizing media, or whatever are practically necessary, there is an onslaught of stuff that is either illegal, garbage, or both. I realize even things like the one that shares the name with that famous Bob Marley song is the same thing- just aggregate stream content from wherever it can, which is why so much of it is bunk. There are a zillion other crappy services that are similar and I say you get what you deserve when you go there. (Not to get self righteous, but when you steal, expect to be juked. This is the natural order of things.)

    As I said, I used XBMC on my modded XBOX 15 years ago and loved it- I saw that as the future, and lo an behold, here we are. Yes, I can see what you mean about Kodi and Plex being media players first and foremost and the XBMC add-ons are anywhere from "cool" to "totally illegal" to "absolute rubbish". I guess you should be wise what you play with. Some of the add on programs that are totally necessary like what @foghat was saying (not to mention Plex itself!) and some of the scrobbling tools which I have not gotten to work yet but sound like a great answer to AppleTV which is all about taking your money, but it seems like there lacks a sort of unity that is probably due to the fact that the legality ranges from nebulous to straight up illegal. In either case, I would tread lightly, if at all. I just wish there was a good guide on add-ons that listed "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." People make their own choices. If they want to break the law, that's their choice- just don't whine when you get slapped with an $11M fine. Is that reasonable? Can we at least talk openly about what is there without being assumed to be criminals? If so, I would love such a thing because while storing media on Kodi is even easier than with Plex (which has gotten nutty complex... so there is "Cloud Sync" and "Plex Cloud" now and I am supposed to know the difference?) Oy.

    Plex has always been about a nice and shiny way to play your (ahem) totally legitimately acquired content (but ask he how to rip a blu ray into Plex so you can use it on your iPad in accordance with fair use and you'd get a blank expression from my face cuz I have NEVER DONE THAT.) Honestly, I am not into robbing content because people need to be paid... my problem is how trying to be legit is such a pain in the ass and you end up spending WAAAAAAY too much money for services that are slightly different but mostly overlap. Then there is the content (especially with music) which you can't get from iTunes or Spotify or whatever.) Plex seems to be aware of this and is working with ways to provide a single way to get services so you get to see the content you want. With some of these PVR tools that have come out, I would LOVE to ditch my TiVo for this, not to mention Comcast, though I have no idea where I'd get 250 MBit Down /30 MBit Up in my building since I don't think Sonic Fiber is getting over here because our building has wiring that looks like the Millenium Falcon.) Anyway, it looks like the act of paying "a la cart" for premium services and not for stuff that ought to be free, like how Comcast charges you to have CBS which is freely available over the air, is becoming a reality. Finally. Cable providers can finally sit-and-spin without me breaking the law.

    Anyway @teshiburu and @foghat (watch for the Foghat cover band "Hog Fat") thanks for your thoughtful responses, even if they were not exactly answers to my question about using Kodi add ons with Plex in a way to save streams, but I can see from research that Plex for Kodi is in its infancy, and while I have like 6 devices attached to my TV that run Plex, I am realizing how very much I can minimize. Most of all, I can probably ditch cable, especially when Game of Thrones is over.

    Thanks again, and if anyone else out there has the golden guide on how to save streams to add to my library (Kodi or Plex or even with my Android player) that would be sweeeeeet. Thanks!

  • evloevlo Posts: 62Members ✭✭
    edited November 2017

    Well I tried one of these third party plugins for plex, omg, such a trow back to 90s and early 00s where I did these ware things. astlavista IIRC was one site. Uglier style ten 90s websites. Anyways to the point.

    So I tried that plugin in kodi with plex plugin enabled and I gut playback failed all the time (was not much better with kodi plugin disabled, usally would work for few seconds and buffering or freeze). So Plex addon somehow replaces kodi playback infrastructure and breaks it, but you are not missing much.

    I currently use transmission - trakt - flexget setup and it works very well.

    I will add that I would gladly pay for Netflix if their solution really worked, by so far it can't compare to the nerdy/geeky setup of two raspberryPies (would work wit one box though) not in being easy to use, not in content, and mainly not in quality.

    I now moved to sub suburbs, where fastest internet is 10-20mbits, but when I was trying Netflix i was in the city on 1000/1000 connection and it still sucked. I even bought Nvidia Shield just for it to get best possible experience.

    As usual lot of marketing, poor execution and delivery. I'm kinda perfectionist, but I know it about myself, and always check with reality :D :D

    I must add that only thing I did not like about Plex for Kodi is missing ability to disable back button on homescreen. Days of the PlexBMC are gone and also days of me hording 1000s of movies, so that might also affected my experience.

    TLDR: does not work

    BTW Apple TV 4k seems like it will replace my rPi playback box, only real 4k player, but that is another topic entirely.

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