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FreeNAS 11 Jail: Plex not showing new media

therangelfamily1218therangelfamily1218 Members Posts: 1

Fresh install of FreeNAS 11. I installed this a few days ago, when I re-installed, I added all my existing media. Everything worked fine.

Today, I added a few movies and TV shows after scanning the libraries, neither of them will show up in the Plex library. I can play all of the movies and media via any Plex client I have tried, the new stuff just isn't there. These are all MKV files.

I am following the naming and directory convention recommended by Plex.

I have tried re-starting the Jail.
I have tried re-adding the library in Plex.

I have verified (via shell) that the new files are in /media in the jail.

Any ideas?

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