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Direct Play Is Constantly Stopping; Disabling Direct Play Is Gone In Android/iOS/Chrome (browser)

Kyle VerryKyle Verry Posts: 311Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited August 2017 in Google Chromecast

So, any direct play video (possibly the audio is the problem) will suddenly stop playing on the Chromecast. It goes back to the "movie poster" screen. There is no error message, it just simply stops. I went to find the "Advanced - Disable Direct Stream/Play" options but they are not there in Android nor in iOS. There is also no option in Chrome (browser).

If I drop the quality, it will play fine with no issue. So, if a 1080p /12Mbps file is dropped to 1080p/8Mbps (transcoded) it will play great. If I take a 1080p 2Mbps file and drop to 720p/4Mbps (transcoded) it will play fine. My network connection is 300Mbps to the Chromecast (I have 5 I have tested) and my network is reporting back utilization of 12Mbps so the network is not the problem. Further still, it will direct play on all devices (tablets, phones, Android, iOS, etc) with no issue. This is a Chromecast issue.

The file type is MKV. I have tried 9 files, 5 Chromecasts, Android/iOS/Browser starting of the stream, changing to 5.1 vs 2ch, with all the same results. Only transcoding fixes the issue.

My two issues are:
1. The Chromecast (4K model) is not handling the direct play/stream properly.
2. Why the heck is the Disable Direct Play/Stream options missing?! If I want to transcode, that is my perogitive, why was this removed? I remember needing to turn Direct Stream off to make Chromecast play properly before, and that worked for years. What is the deal?

I am hoping for a Plex Employee to reply back here. Too often recently, there seems to be no responses to the many issues posted. If you look on their support page as of today, it states "Most Plex apps can disable direct play/stream" and I gotta be honest, if on Chrome (browser), Android and iOS it is not there, then that excludes "most" apps, you know?

I can provide whatever troubleshooting logs someone may need, but the casting issue occurs from the computer, Android and iOS, so this is not specific with apps frankly.


  • javerrejaverre Posts: 43Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Hi Kyle, I've been looking for this too without any luck. I use my iOS app to cast to Chromecast and would like to work around a known bug in Chromecast's latest update (see here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chromecast/pDC_nrS8x_s) but no good.

    Frankly, I've stopped recommending Plex to my friends - its just got too many issue to be an effective solution for most people. This is a real shame as it used to work flawlessly, but with all the new clients and the frankly niche the DVR stuff they are into now I fear they've let it get away from them. There just seem to be too many fires burning at the moment for them to offer even paying customers like you and me any kind of effective support to resolve the many bugs they have in delivering existing features.

    Personally I think Plex needs to instigate a ticketing system and work with users to try to fix some of the bugs, rather than push out more features. I'm happy to help with logs etc to try and narrow down the causes but until there is a way to get their attention that seems rather moot.

    Sad face.

  • gerozsoltgerozsolt Posts: 52Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Issue reported here. Please star and provide feedback: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/63117638

  • Kyle VerryKyle Verry Posts: 311Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Yup, been on that thread for a while now. To everyone else looking at this, please follow the link +gerozsolt references! The more people the better!

    This thread now the 10th thread in a row in which no Plex employee responds. It's hard to retain faith in something that you have paid a lot for when there is zero acknowledgment. But, I appreciate everyone else who has taken the time to look here, and especially those who have responded.


  • bsa07eaglebsa07eagle Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I have experienced the same problem. Sometimes it just quits, sometimes I get the error "unable to cast." Happens about every 2-3 min depending on the file. Does have something to do with direct play but I can't figure it out. Been to every forum on the internet for hours trying to figure it out. At this point I've given up hoping one of these updates will fix it by some miracle, but I'm about to find something other than Plex since I can't find a solution on here, or anywhere else.

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