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PMS on FreeNAS, duplicated file names??

shnatkoshnatko Posts: 2Members

I'm running into a weird issue w/ my video files ( home movies ) on my PMS running on a FreeNAS machine.

The problem I'm hitting is PMS seems to be changing the names of a bunch of files to that of a file that isn't even in the same folder an doing it multiple times. For example in the library folder shown, I have 12 copies of what PMS thinks is a file named "2011_car_trip_00007" when 1) that file does NOT exist in my "2014_car_vids" folder and 2) why the heck are there so many copies of it??

If I edit the file, I can see the actual file path and name under the info section and it is correct, but under the general section, both the title and sort title are incorrect.

I can manually edit the file but I have MANY files that this is happening to and I don't want to manually change 100+ occurrences. I don't know why the application is having so much trouble w/ the file names.

NAS info: FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201512121950
PMS info:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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