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Plex on Shield TV, frame rate switching

lusitopplusitopp Posts: 50Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


After having problems with a HiMedia Q5 Pro i bought myself a Nvidia Shield TV gen2 yesterday.
While HD audio passthrough work like a charm (except for one movie) the setting for frame rate switching doesnt work.

If i dont enable this one everything starts, all tv shows and all movies. but if i enable it i cant start to watch anything, i get a black screen for a few seconds (1-2s). then i get thrown back to the menu.

What can be the problem?
Im running plex media server on a dedicated server, not on the shield.

PMS: Version
Plex player:
Nvidia Shield: 5.2


Best Answer


  • lusitopplusitopp Posts: 50Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    ok, then we hope that they fix that..my Q5 pro plays everyting (different apps must be used) with the auto switch working.. but the shield is no much quicker and nive to use, and it will be annoying to switch between the outputs depening if i want to watch a movie, tv show or iptv =(

  • FordGuy61FordGuy61 Posts: 157Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I have my Shield TV set to 60fps and 4:4:4 Rec 709 and the picture looks very good on my 55" Samsung. Doesn't matter if I'm viewing a 24fps movie in Plex, TV with PS Vue, or Netflix/Amazon Video.

    I experimented with connecting the Shield directly to the TV. The frame rate adjusted to match the source material, but I can't say the picture looked better (smoother, richer colors, etc).

    I guess some people are more sensitive to the effects of 3:2 pull down or whatever frame rate adjustment algorithms the Shield TV utilizes.

  • ProvocateurProvocateur Posts: 1Members

    The 3:2 pulldown is noticeable on slow panning scenes. I too have a v1.4 TV so my refresh rate switching isn't working anymore. I used to have a v1.4 receiver which would auto refresh change properly.

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