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PS4 App keeps crashing

Ronin_pHRonin_pH Posts: 2Members


My Plex app for my Playstation 4 keeps crashing. It mostly happens when I start the app, or scroll through my library of videos or music.

I keep on sending an error report every time the crash happens, but I can't find any info about you guys looking into it, or having an update in the works for the PS4.

Please help, because I really like Plex, but the constant crashing is annoying.

Plex Media Server: macOS Sierra

Thank you for your help!


  • ShalashaskaaShalashaskaa Posts: 18Members ✭✭

    I've been sending reports since the past 8 months! No improvement or even a reply from team whatsoever! Most irresponsible team in the whole world! No one has done anything whatsoever to fix this error in the PS4 app! PLEASE PLEX Team update the app to fix this error! PLEASE! This is a request from ALL facing these crashes since forever! Please do something!

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