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Plex PS4 App vs PS4 Media Player

chrisfro_plexchrisfro_plex Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited August 2017 in PlayStation

I have a Plex Pass for few months now and I can say that I'm happy about it.

I like what Plex is doing and that I see new things coming out from time to time. That's great.

I have my PMS installed at home on a Synology DS214se - so it's a cheap one, not very powerful, but works ok for what I need.

I used to have a Raspberry Pi 3 model B with RasPlex and it worked perfectly for months.

Recently I bought a PS4 and I was very happy thinking that I could use the official Plex App to watch all my movies & tv shows.

But (there's always a but, right?)... Nothing works on the app (well, maybe I'm exaggerating because I did not test everything). Anyway, the idea is that all that I tried to launch brought me this error :disappointed: :

There was a problem playing this item.
This server is not powerful enough to convert video

Being pretty disappointed, I started to look a possible solution online. And, at one point, found a guy who used the PS4 Media Player to watch Plex movies. So I activated DLNA on my PMS, installed the Media Player app on the PS4 and it works like a charm. There are still few titles that aren't playing, but it's like 2 from 30 I've tried, compared to 30 from 30 that I've tried with the Plex PS4 app.

And now my question : if using DLNA works great, why we cannot use this in the Plex App? I'd love to be able to use the Plex App on my PS4 - this way I can use the users I've created, saving the progress for each user, etc... Or maybe it's possible and I don't know how to activated?!?

Does someone have any idea?


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