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About The Transition between Plex Android And TV mode

phantompatphantompat Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass

I bought The Plex Pass and i'm using Plex with a Qnap NAS, the problem is not enough cpu power for transcoding video and sound. I'm using an android box (Himedia Q10 Pro), this box can ready everything i throw at it with no problem.

I downloaded the Plex application for android device and it work, but with a problem. I must use the mobile interface for this reason: The fact i'm unable to transcode because my lite cpu from my qnap, the best way is using my android video player, the one i'm using with my android box by default, the good news is it work like a charm. But with the mobile interface i absolutely must use a keyboard and mouse or a touch screen to work well with the interface. For my tv i prefer the TV interface, much easier to use with a remote control.

My biggest problem is when i'm switching to TV mode i loose almost all the settings configuration from the mobile version.
With the TV interface i can't use an external player of my choice (like setting a player by default like the mobile version).

I'm asking for help to improve theses options please.
Just try to navigate in your movie collection a to z without a mouse is impossible in mobile mode. but i must stay in mobile mode to got all the options to be able to listen my movies with my android player. I got the chance to watch my movies without any convertion it's like a direct play much easier for my Qnap.

Thanks Patrick

P.S. Sorry for my bad english, i'm french.


  • lennier76lennier76 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 93 Plex Pass

    I've just hit this exact same problem on the latest version still. Just ridiculous to hide options in the TV mode, including the option to move back to the mobile mode! So if anything is set incorrectly once you've enabled TV mode you have no choice but to either reinstall or clear out all the settings and start again. Why?

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