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Library scan not picking up duplicate files in multiple stores

popoloupopolou Members, Plex Pass Posts: 6 Plex Pass

Hey all

x2 PMS servers both at v1.8.0.4109 on Centos 6.6 & 7.

I have a NAS serving media to both PMS servers. Each sees the common media store fine and accesses mixed content without issue. The Centos 7 box also has access to a local drive and each of its libraries are pointing to these two sources: the NAS (mounted over the 'net via SSH) and the local drive. Media plays from either location without issue (permissions not a problem).

I now want to move the media from the local drive to the remote NAS drive. The transfer works fine BUT (in the case of the Movies library) the Centos 7 box will not recognise a duplicate media file at the remote location. I want to keep the library data in the DB intact ('date added' for example) so the file is copied as opposed to move with one at both locations. Repeated media scans will not pick it up whereas the library is correctly pointing to both locations.

Does anyone have a suggestion for this behaviour?



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