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Play option gone on Amazon Fire TV

LuscosLuscos Members, Plex Pass Posts: 8 Plex Pass

Didn't see this asked anywhere so wanted to see if anyone knew. I have a Fire TV, an up to date Plex app, and an up to date plex server.
The play option is gone from the app on the Fire TV I can cast to it from another device but can not directly play it from the Fire TV. Any ideas or was this removed?



  • hxcmyleshxcmyles Members Posts: 5 ✭✭
    edited August 8

    Same issue, recently got my gen 1 AFTV out of storage after moving. Formatted AFTV and updated latest version of the firmware, reinstalled Plex app. Can't play any videos using the Plex app on AFTV but can chromecast stream to it. What gives?

  • LuscosLuscos Members, Plex Pass Posts: 8 Plex Pass

    So as an FYI I found a way around the AFTV not having a play option. I side loaded Kodi onto the AFTV and then installed the Plex Video Add-on and Kodi gives me a play option. So a small work around until, I hope, they add the play button back to the AFTV app.

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