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Alexa Autoplay Apple TV 4

Johnkerins@yahoo.co.ukJohnkerins@yahoo.co.uk Members Posts: 1


I have a Plex pass and use my Amazon Echo to control and search my Plex library and it works great. One feature does not work when I use my Apple TV 4 , autoplay ... say if I ask Alexa to play episode 1 season 1 of whatever .., it plays but won’t jump to episode 2 unless I manually press the next button. However if I use my Roku stock as the viewer and issue the same commands it works perfectly .., jumps from one episode to another with a 15 countdown timer. This will not work on the Apple TV despite having Autoplay switched on?

Is this an Apple TV issue , can I do anything to make this work as I’d prefer to use my Apple TV instead of the Roku stick!

Any advice is greatly appreciated



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