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Apple TV 4 Plex User Switch wrong content

rw.aldumrw.aldum Posts: 25Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited August 2017 in Apple TV


I'll start this off with a disclaimer that I have not found a reliable way to reproduce this, it seems to just happen after some use...

I have 4 accounts on my Plex setup, 3 personal accounts and a guest account.

Every now and then, switching a user results in the content not actually being from the new user:
plex would display another user's deck, and even track the entire profile (just under the new profile's name) - so if i mark something as watched, it mutates the state of the other profile.

This is very very annoying, and also poses the risk of things i dont want in the 'guest' account being accessible from the guest user by leveraging this bug.

The only way to 'resolve' is to force quit the plex apple tv app and relaunch it - after which it behaves fine for some time.

I have a suspicion that the bug gets introduced somewhere between there being a password on my account and the apple tv 'sleep' mechanism.

Any way to fix this / get logs from the apple tv to submit to the devs to look at?

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