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HD HomeRun Connect connection

thalfmanamiga@gmail.comthalfmanamiga@gmail.com Members, Plex Pass Posts: 15 Plex Pass

Thinking of changing tuners due to some persistent Live TV/DVR issues with the USB option. My question: If the router is in one room and the antenna is in another (many rooms away), how do I add the Connect to the system?



  • SX86SX86 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 13 Plex Pass

    I have my antenna on my roof outside, and my HDHomeRun Connect is in my basement, next to the router. If you can get a long enough coaxial cable going from your antenna to your Connect, then you are fine. You could also do it with a long ethernet cable....but I prefer the coaxial cable for my setup.

    Hope that helps!

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