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Your connection to the server is not fast enough to stream this video. Check your Network -Firestick

jackmeatjackmeat Posts: 70Members ✭✭

Ok, I know this has been talked about a ton, and I have found a new wrinkle I didn't see posted about. This is specifically with the Amazon Firestick. When playing a movie 720p, MP4, AAC, I kept getting the above message repeatedly tonight. After all day long watching 1080p, mkv, some with ac-3 and no issues today. After messing around with the player settings on the stick, here is what I realized, and tested to have fixed this. Tonight I paired my bluetooth headphones with the firestick and watched this movie, where I had not been doing that all day today. When I just turned the headphones OFF, and watched it, the buffering issue vanished. After "The Accountant" was over, I turned the headphones back on and tried them streaming something on Kodi. No buffering. So this seems to be a plex bug with the bluetooth headphones and the firestick. Anyone else seen this happen?

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